Safeguarding is the protection of adults and children from abuse and neglect. 
Keeping patients safe is our priority and safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Here at CDS UK we put the people we work with at the heart and core of the work we do, and all our staff are trained in safeguarding protocol.
We are aware that safeguarding can be extremely complex in people who have structural dissociation of the personality, i.e., multiple different identities with varying levels of amnesia between them. For example, one identity may appear to consent to a behaviour whilst another does not, leading to paradox and contradiction. Mental capacity can also fluctuate, depending on which identity state is present. 
We take safeguarding very seriously and understand that processes need to be sensitively timed and nuanced to best maximise safety, rather than automatically defaulting to a more generic process that may inadvertently increase risks. 
We discuss all complex safeguarding matters within the core clinical team, inform local safeguarding services and seek additional specialist guidance when needed. We have a Police Liaison Consultant who has extensive experience of working with and supporting people with DID and understands the complexities. We consider all risks on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with our patients, their therapists, and any other involved professionals in order to maximise their safety. 
If you would like to request a copy of our safeguarding policies or talk to us about our safeguarding procedures, please email
A brief overview of the process we follow in respect of safeguarding is here: CDS UK safeguarding information.