I feel without my weekly sessions there is no way I could cope with life and also cope with the traumatic memories that are resurfacing and a lot of suicide ideation that I otherwise would have likely acted on.”

“I feel that there is hope that I may be able to get through this. My therapist is always there when things get very difficult. I Don’t need to explain, so I feel understood and safe.”

“My experience of your service has been a good one. All your team has shown me that I am being listened to. That you are safe, professional without being clinical. Thank you for all you do.” 

“The changeover in therapist was something my system has found difficult and impacted our feelings of safety within therapy. Something we continue to find hard. I feel that CDS, from our first contact, has held the wellbeing of my system as paramount in a way that no other healthcare service has before. It’s shown us how things can be done, in terms of support, and I know that we wouldn’t be here today if not for the support and care of everyone at CDS. The adaptability of support offered is something that we have all benefitted from, but there is a level of anxiety around the new therapist still.”

“My experiences are very good. Our safety has been well looked after. My therapist is lovely, kind and very respectful. My therapist is funny and very helpful. We like the room. Our support workers are very good, and very reliable, and very knowledgeable, and very considerate. It has a big positive effect on our family life.”

“We are happy with our therapy. It is a place where we can talk about how we feel”

“Everything has been great, just the therapy in general has helped.”

“I think it is an excellent service run by very qualified staff. As I draw near to the end of my therapy, both my therapists are making sure it is a smooth, empowering ending and that others will be there to support me in the future if I need it. Thank you for your amazing support over the years!”

“I am supported by my therapists exceedingly well. So much care and expertise is shown by them both. I am extremely grateful and hopeful; they are both very professional and dedicated.”