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Article in the i Newspaper – ‘Multiple people live within this body – I am only one of them’

CDS UK’s CEO Mark Linington, Clinical Director Emma Jack and Deputy Clinical Director Matt Bordonada were interviewed for their expertise for an article in the i Newspaper, published on 31st March 2024. The article touches on an honest and insightful account of living with DID, and collaborates with the CDS UK team to recount the injustice of lack of access to treatment within the confines of the UK ‘postcode lottery’ and a society that often does not support the existence of DID.

You can read a copy of the article here: ‘Multiple people live within this body – I am only one of them’ – inews.

25 Years of CDS UK

2023 marks 25 years since the Clinic for Dissociative Studies was first established. To celebrate and build on the groundbreaking work that has been done over that time, we will be hosting a series of seminars and events that will develop skills and provide new opportunities for Associates across the country to meet each other. Contact us for more information – and watch this space.

Suzette Boon CPD training materials available for Associates

CDS was delighted to be able to organise for Suzette Boon to come to the UK from the Netherlands to deliver a 2-day CPD training at the end of May 2023. Drawing on her enormous experience of working in clinical settings with complex dissociative disorders as well as her writing and lecturing expertise, Suzette provided an excellent opportunity for both CDS Associates and external practitioners to learn from findings drawn from over 30 years of work. CDS has made these training materials (presentations and video recordings) accessible to all Associates via the shared drive.